Coppy Farm Site ‘UNSUITABLE’ – says LDP

Coppy Farm Site ‘UNSUITABLE’

(September 2019)

One of the Deposit LDP supporting documents (Background Paper 8) “Assessment of Candidates Sites and Alternative Sites”  (Sept 2019)includes the following written assessment of the Coppy Farm site:

With the exception of land and buildings at Coppy Farm, the bulk of the site lies outside but adjoining the settlement boundary of Gwernaffield which is a Tier 4 Defined Village, where new allocations will not  be made in accordance with policy STR2.  The site therefore does not comply with the Preferred Strategy wherein housing allocations are not made in Tier 4 settlements.

The 3.04ha site could potentially deliver 90 dwellings, although the allocation seeks a mix of housing and employment.  Whatever the mix of development, it represents a large site which is considered to be out of scale with the settlement and the limited range of facilities and services which the settlement offers.  Such a scale of development is not considered to represent sustainable development.

The Employment Land Study has established that there is no need for further employment allocations in the County as there is a sufficient range of employment allocations in terms of type, scale and location and this is supported by a large number of Principal Employment Areas.

At present there is a well defined edge to the eastern part of Gwernaffield created by the block of built development on the south side of Gwernaffield Road and the ribbon of development on the north side of Gwernaffield Road.  By contrast the candidate site would extend built development further eastwards away from the well defined edge to the settlement.  The site then cuts across country north westwards towards residential development at Llyn Bedw off Church Road.  This represents a large swathe of land which if developed would harm the form and pattern of development in the village.  Such a large site would be entirely inappropiate to include within the settlement boundary.

A planning application for up to 80 dwellings and a convenience store is (059396) presently under consideration.

The final Recommendation is: That the site is not considered to be suitable to be allocated or included in the settlement boundary.’

You may wish to refer to this Candidate Site Assessment when you write to comment on the LDP!

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