Deposit LDP out to Consultation

Deposit LDP out to Consultation

(September 2019)

Flintshire County Council has published the Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP). The Deposit LDP sets out the Council’s proposed planning policy framework for the period 2015 to 2030, identifying what can be built and where.

The Deposit Plan comprises a number of key documents which can all be viewed by clicking on this link:

The consultation will run for a six week period from 30th September to 5pm on the 11th November 2019. Any representations received following the end of the consultation will not be considered. The consultation represents an opportunity for everyone in the plan area and beyond to view and make representations on the LDP.

We would encourage Gwernaffield residents to comment on the Deposit LDP, in particular to welcome the classification of Gwernaffield as a ‘Tier 4 Rural Defined Village, with a Settlement Boundary.’

That is because this classification means:

Within the settlement boundary – housing development will only be permitted related to the scale, character and role of the settlement and which delivers local needs affordable housing.

Outside of the settlement boundary – the general principle is that new housing will not be permitted outside settlement boundaries. The exception to this is a special provision called ‘Affordable Housing Exception Schemes’. This aims to release small housing sites immediately adjacent to settlement boundaries, which would not otherwise be allocated in the LDP, provided that there is a proven local need. 

However, proposals to develop affordable housing in rural areas will only be permitted, where:

  1. there is evidence of genuine local need for affordable housing; 
  2. there are no suitable alternative sites or properties within settlement boundaries to meet the need;
  3. schemes abut settlement boundaries and form logical extensions to settlements, avoiding ribbon and fragmented development and incorporating suitable boundary treatment and landscaping measures;
  4. the scale, design, and layout of the proposed development are sympathetic and appropriate to the size and character of the settlement and its landscape setting, and reflect the scale of need identified; and
  5. houses will remain affordable in perpetuity for those in need, managed by a housing association, the County Council, a bone fide trust or similar management organisation.

The classification of Gwernaffield as a Tier 4 Rural Defined Settlement should therefore prevent further speculative development attempts like the Coppy Farm Housing Estate Application.

An explanation of how to comment on the Deposit LDP is contained in the following leaflet:

Thanks for your support – Together we are stronger!

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