Flintshire CC Publishes Comments on Draft LDP

Flintshire CC Publishes Comments on Draft LDP

(August 2020)

The Council is required to make all representations received during the deposit LDP consultation publicly available. Covid 19 has restricted normal publicly accessible locations, such as Council offices & libraries, from being open to view these representations. The Council has therefore made these available via its website.

The full representations can be viewed by following this link (but be warned – FCC’s site is not easy to understand or navigate!): 

Comments relating to the Coppy Farm Housing Estate:

Opposing the Development
Thanks to all of you who expressed your opposition to this proposed development by sending in your comments and by supporting the classification of Gwernaffield as a ‘Tier 4 Rural Defined Village, with a Settlement Boundary. ‘

Supporting the Development 
There are two comments (674 and 1287) which specifically support the 80 house Coppy Farm Development (GFD001).

Both have the same consultee (1233213) and agent (1233212) – who also support the proposed 160 house Dingle Road, Leeswood Development (LEE001) with their comments (659 & 1286). 

This is not surprising as Cadnant Planning carried out the pre-application consultations for both developments, on behalf of the Bromfield Group!

They argue that:
1) the Coppy Farm site ‘needs to be included as an allocated site’ and ‘is a logical extension to Gwernaffield” [They don’t mention that most of the site is outside of the defined village boundary, on green fields]

2) ‘Gwernaffield is a sustainable settlement which requires an appropriate level of growth to sustain it’ [Statement is not true – and not logical]

3) ‘Gwernffield should be a Tier 3 settlement as it is in a highly sustainable location and benefits from a number of services and facilities such as an employment site, churches, school and sustainable transport’ [Absolutely not true – Gwernaffield’s classification is not ‘sustainable’ – or ‘accessible’]

You can view these two Coppy Farm Development comments by clicking on the links for each:


Thanks for your support – Together we are stronger!

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