How to Object (part 2)


How to object to the Coppy Farm Housing Estate (2)

If you think there is no point in objecting because no-one listens, and it will have no effect, then please think again.  All of the guidance on “how to object” says the best approach is lots of separate letters of objection, written in your own style, and covering the key topics that the development would adversely affect for you and the village overall.  You can object to as many things as you like or just one that matters most to you.  

Flintshire County Council says the issues you raise must involve planning matters such as:

  • Impact on residential amenity (e.g. hours of use, loss of privacy, loss of light, over dominance, noise, traffic)
  • Impact on the character and appearance of an area (design, appearance and intensity)
  • Impact on highway safety (e.g. poor visibility, pedestrian safety, parking)
  • Impact on community facilities
  • Planning policies and proposals, or Government planning advice.

Please see our separate leaflet “How to object to the Coppy Farm Housing Estate (1)” for suggestions on some of the valid objections you could make to this development.

How to object:

1. Online form:

You can submit your comments on-line by finding the application on the Planning Applications Database on Flintshire Council’s website, then clicking on the comment facility.

2. By post:

Send your letter to – Head of Planning, Environment Directorate, Ty Dewi Sant, St Davids Park, CH5 3FF. 

You must include the following information in your letter.  Failure to do so may result in your comments not being taken into account.

  • Site address:  Coppy Farm, Cilcain Road, Gwernaffield, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 5DQ
  • Description of proposal:  Erection of 80 dwellings, convenience store and associated development
  • Application Number:  059396
  • Your name and address
  • Your comments about the proposal

Flintshire County Council says you cannot comment on:

  • Personal characteristics of the applicant
  • The effect of the proposal on property values
  • Disturbances during building work
  • Loss of view
  • Private rights of way, private drains and other private easements and legal covenants
  • Disputes over land ownership
  • Commercial competition
  • Building Regulation issues (e.g. structural stability, drainage, fire precautions, hygiene and internal space).

Lobbying Councillors: says:

As a general rule, the only safe way of ‘lobbying’ councillors is to write an identical letter to all members of the planning committee (or the sub-committee which is going to determine the application), and make it clear in the text of the letter that this is a letter which is being written to all the members.  You cannot be sure that the councillors will actually read the letter or take any notice of it, but you will at least have communicated your views direct to councillors, rather than having them ‘filtered’ or summarised by planning officers in their committee report.

We say, if you have access to email, this is the quickest way to lobby all councillors on the planning committee.  To make it easy for you, we have provided a mailing list of all the councillors on the planning committee. See ‘how to Object (part 3) . (Please note this information is freely available on the Flintshire County Council website).

This proposal is for 80 dwellings on 3.03 hectares of land owned by the applicant.  This land provides direct access to a further 3.55 hectares of land in the open countryside that is also owned by the applicant.  This could accommodate a further 90 houses!  This could DOUBLE the current population of the village.

DON’T FORGET …  if this planning application is successful it may set a precedent for the approval of other candidates sites in Gwernaffield and Pantymwyn and other Tier 4 defined villages in Flintshire.

And finally ……..

The Welsh Government are aware that the lack of a Local Delivery Plan in Flintshire is leaving communities vulnerable to speculative development such as this, if you don’t like it, let the people who oversee it know:

Andrew Farrow, Chief Officer in charge of planning at Flintshire Council:


Julie James, Minister for Housing and Local Government:


David Hanson, MP for Delyn


Hannah Blythyn, AM for Delyn and Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government


Mark Isherwood, AM for North Wales